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The club operates on the basis of voluntary effort - this is most obvious in the case of team mentors/coaches. All mentors/coaches, juvenile members and their parents/ guardians are expected to abide by the code of conduct set out below. We also ask for adherence to standards of behaviour which reflect a positive image of the club, and which are consistent with our emphasis on enjoyment and personal development.

For EVERYONE (Players, mentors, parents, spectators)

No abusive language or behaviour towards any of the following:

St. Laurences players (your own team mates, children and friends)

Opposition players

Spectators or coaches


Place yourself particularly in the shoes of a child who is the recipient of bad

language, aggressive threats or correction, taunting about aspects of his / her

physique. This is unacceptable and unfair.

For Parents

Ensure children arrive punctually for sessions / games

Ensure children have the proper equipment

Ensure that pick-up arrangements are clear and that pick ups are punctual

Impress upon children never to leave the training area or field

without informing the trainer

Positive encouragement at all times

Inform team mentors if for any reason your child cannot attend a game

For the Players

Arrive on time

Co-operate with the team manager / trainer. When asked to do

something - do it.

No bad language

No gangs and no bullying or teasing

Help with preparation for training /games and with the tidy-u


Make sure you have the correct gear

For the Coaches / Trainers

Respect the dignity, self-esteem and rights of all the children

Be punctual and organised for sessions / games

All children to be involved in training and games

Positive encouragement at all times

Clear communication of fixtures to children / parents

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