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St. Laurence’s complex hosts both St Laurences Junior badminton club and Old Grange Senior Badminton club.


Badminton Ireland is the national governing body for the sport on the island of Ireland.


Badminton Ireland was founded in 1899, took part in the first international badminton match against England in 1903 and was founding member of the World Badminton Federation in 1934.


Today, badmintons sporting proposition is as valid as ever, badminton is truly a sport for life. 


Ireland has one of the largest badminton memberships per capita in the world with deep roots in the local community with over 400 clubs nationwide.


Badminton Ireland  believe that supporting the badminton community is essential and have placed great emphasis on providing excellent support to its members, and as a result they have an increasing membership with over 16,000 registered players in Ireland and an estimated 100,000 playing the game regularly.


Badminton Irelands' high performance centre is based at the Marino campus of Trinity University, Dublin.


JUNIOR Badminton Club:

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St. Laurence’s JUNIOR Badminton Club, Please LIKE & FOLLOW.


SENIOR Badminton Club:

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Old Grange SENIOR Badminton Club, Please LIKE & FOLLOW.

Old Grange Badminton Club
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